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About Robb-O

With an exquisite ear and expertise in music Dj Robb-O seamlessly blends Reggae, House, Classic Rock, Hip Hop and R&B while injecting his artistic creativity. 

Since last year Robb-O has released over 4 Deep / Soulful house tracks on his label MDCCCVI Music .  His latest single BE FREE is gaining speed with the afro/soulful house deejays. The next project will be a remix package for BE FREE featuring Dj Michael Alan, MetroBeatz,  Sydd Kennedy and Delmar BrownE (with an E).

Expect to hear more music as he continues to mix on various radio platforms and at clubs and live performances.

Dj Robb-O / Fitzgibbons Haus produces hip hop, soulful house, deep house, club, remix, R&B, rhythm, and blues music production, television and movie scores.


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